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My wonderful customers are the reason I am in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about me.


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“Kim has this amazing ability to clue into me and relay exactly what I need to hear.  She has helped me start and maintain a successful business and also find a wonderful life partner which has exceeded my wildest dreams.  I am continually amazed at her intuitive/psychic abilities and her deep and loving compassion helps me to see myself and my life situation more clearly.  Kim’s extensive background in Corporate America and also being an Accountant/business owner gives her a unique gift that helps me in all areas of my life.”

Lori B. – Corporate Attorney


“I have experienced many psychics and intuitive healers in my life; however I have never experienced someone quite like Kim Colvard.  Her abilities are truly a gift from God/Universe.  When you are either on the phone with her or in her presence, you automatically feel better about your life’s challenges.  She has a very unique and wonderful way of assisting you to find clarity and laser sharp focus.  I have changed many things about my life since speaking with Kim.. I will always be grateful to her.”

Dave C.-   Medical Doctor


“Kim was an integral part in helping me start my business.  Kim’s spirituality and amazing gifts she brings into her sessions and workshops are like getting your batteries recharged.”

Courtney W. – Horse Farm Owner/Operator


“On a referral from a friend, I contacted Kim because I was pondering a career change.  I left that initial meeting feeling, inspired, focused and with a clear understanding of how my career obstacles were directly connected to other areas of my life.  Since that first meeting, I have continued to make regular appointments with Kim.

Her intuitive guidance, loving demeanor and vast wisdom, can only be categorized as something extraordinary.

For me our visits are like sitting down and speaking with my very best girlfriend, my wise Godmother, and some kind of mystical Angel- all who remind me that I am loved, beautiful and possess the ability to achieve whatever my heart desires.”

Stacy S. –Marketing Director


“Kim has an absolutely unbelievable gift!!  With her help and guidance through personal readings, she has forever changed my life for the better.  She has helped me to manifest a happier and healthier lifestyle and has driven me to see myself through new eyes.  I am so thankful for the person she has helped me to become and I look forward to future sessions with Kim.”

Sally P. -Corporate Trainer


  “I have worked with Kim on and off for several years, mostly at the times when I have been full off doubt and fear. I needed help and reassurance   from outside of myself. Her boundless positive energy, intuition and practical solutions always restore my faith in myself and the universe. Thank you, Kim for all that you do.”

        Karen T. – Small Business Owner


“Kim is one in a million.  She has amazing skills and talents that are able to help you soar.  I thank God every day that I have you guiding light  in my life.”

      Kim C. – Professional Artist


     “Kim’s intuiting skills are like a laser, instantly getting to the root of the problem. In our session she identified a block that was created in my early childhood, which had affected my career and social life ever since. After implementing a few great suggestions from Kim, I was able to understand more about myself and make changes that are working for me. I now have a job I am so happy in and am more comfortable in my daily life.”

     Pete R. – Business Consultant